Our exclusive signature Mercury Method classes combine the most effective elements of strength training, Pilates, yoga and endurance conditioning into a body-transforming 60-minute workout. Performed in a room heated to exactly 98.6°F, these custom routines will access, challenge and chisel every muscle in your body so you create the most beautiful, functional, powerful physique possible.


STRENGTH builds muscle power and definition in the major muscle groups, specifically the shoulders, back, abs, hips and legs. During this intense total-body workout, you’ll chisel and sculpt the larger ‘power’ muscles, strengthen and tone the secondary stability muscles, and increase the body’s overall explosiveness and performance.


CONTROL focuses on strengthening the core, deep abdominals, upper back, hips and shoulders. During this ab-centric class, you’ll attain uniform strength, prevent injury, improve balance, and give yourself a sleek and sculpted midsection.


STAMINA focuses on flow, energy, and breath while creating a perfect balance between strength and flexibility. Promote cardiovascular capacity and weight loss while refining your entire physique. Burn calories, burn fat, create lean muscle and strengthen the heart and lungs, all without causing damage to the body’s back and joints.


Cross training is essential for runners to stay strong and injury-free and RUNNER’S HIGH is customized to develop muscular balance in the legs, stability/flexibility in the joints, proper upper body alignment, and strength in the core & deep stabilizers of the pelvis. Improve your performance, speed and endurance, and create the most powerful framework for running.


This high energy barre class takes the ballet barre off the wall and puts it in your hands, literally. By holding your very own 3 ft ballet bar (provided) throughout class, this dance based workout develops a much higher level of core strength, coordination and balance than a traditional barre class. And did we mention great legs and a nice backside? BARRE FLY will re-define the Barre experience by giving you a workout so fun, innovative and effective, your body will look more toned and sculpted than ever before. Please bring a yoga mat or rent one for $1.


This power flow yoga class creates flexibility, definition, and a perfect balance of body, mind and spirit. Interwoven with traditional sun salutations are carefully crafted core sequences that create a powerful central ‘engine’, strengthen the heart & lungs, and detoxify you from the inside out. In true Mercury style, HIGH PERFORMANCE YOGA gives you the skills to harness your ultimate inner power.


Pilates is the King of Core Training and this pure Pilates class will show those abs how it’s done. Pilates focuses on deep abdominal power, shoulder and hip stability & definition, and the development of uniform muscle strength, natural grace, agility and control. Experience HIGH PERFORMANCE PILATES and achieve amazing results, both to the body and the mind.